Buying advice hood.

 There are two basic may hut mui, exhaust pipes and natural use of activated carbon. Type of pipe used in accordance with the kitchen in the garden or kitchen can pipe fitting out. This type has the advantage of suction stronger, more durable and less costly. Type of activated carbon used in addition to smoke is also toxic smoke filtering. So the price of used activated carbon typically cost 1.5 to 2 times more expensive than the tube, not to mention the cost of replacing the activated charcoal for 1-2 million / set, about 6 – 9 May 1 for the first time

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Most of the brands are two kinds of tube used (classic) and the use of activated carbon. Prices of the two types of hood on a pretty big difference, depending on the origin, design and production

Use and preservation

Should choose to buy capacity hood 10 times the volume of your kitchen space. For example, the volume of the kitchen is 80m3, the capacity of the machine must be at least 800m3 / h

When buyers should ask for the test run, turn it at the highest speed to check the noise level, noise as small as possible. Loud noise may be due to poor technology fan or more mechanical sophistication, making life less

Most of the hood are designed help light the cooking, you should select the type of halogen lamps. This helps determine the color of light dishes honest than fluorescent lamps. avoid being too yellow or not ripe enough for the user to look the wrong color

Note the installation to ensure high levels suitable for each kind of stove to avoid ignition. Distance from the edge of the on of Necklaces kitchen to the machine should be 70cm if a gas stove, 60cm if induction cooker, electric cooker

Automatically shut down after use to keep the power supply stable and avoid withdrawal times. When used, select the appropriate speed for each type of dish, fried soup should use high speed, and low speed should boiled

Each week cleaning grease filters once removed and soaked in soapy water, then dried and then mounted again, if it’s stainless steel mesh should use specialized cleaning water to keep the shiny look of the machine

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