Things to know when buying a hood

Equipment in the kitchen hood is virtually indispensable in most urban families, “a pair” associated with stove, in order to push the smoke and smell … out. This device is still functional decoration. To be able to choose a best for your kitchen, you need to know the basics:

Principle of operation:
Most of the active hood based on the principles of ventilation, combined with the membrane. Machines usually include the basic parts like outer shell, steam systems, sieve, exhaust fans, the bright lights, signal lights, level dirt and buttons to adjust the speeds. Harmful gases and unpleasant odors will be sucked up by the fan and moved out, and the dirt and grease particles will stick to the membrane filter – can be easily removed for cleaning and replacement.

• The functions and how to install, can be divided into the following categories:
1. Type of surface change hood (Model Retracta): With this type of surface suction can pull drag on like the drawer. When necessary we can pull the hair bulge to increase the ability to absorb odors.
With Retracta: surface suction can pull drag on like drawer
2. Fixed contours (contoured): fixed and usually protrudes forward about 1, 2 inch, very popular because the ability to attract a strong odor and is suitable when mounted on the cabinet.

3. Type to filter (Extrator): Ability hood and filter the smell is very strong, for the most frequent large kitchen cooking and kitchen is usually in the middle of the kitchen.

• Sorting by design: can also be classified into three categories as follows:
1. Classical hood:
Classic hood usually housewives Vietnam many options for size and compact design. Price also quite soft ranges from 2 to 3.5 million.

2. Sound hood cabinet:
Sound hood cabinet is a slim and modern design for small kitchen area, highly aesthetic and often the machines are synchronous construction and kitchen cabinets. This machine can put the sink in the kitchen, only mobile suction pull knob out. Price from 2 to 4.5 million.

3. Vacuum tube shape:

Vacuum tube shape usually have higher prices, ranging from 4 to over 10 million machine. This choice of the family usually has an area of ​​kitchen space and liberal, high frequency of use of the kitchen. This machine also has the ability to withdraw heat and soften the kitchen space.

Dimensions: currently on the market with 3 standard sizes of 60, 70 and 90cm respectively with the usual size of the stove, the width from the wall about 52cm and stovetops from 60cm to 80cm . So when buy deodorant and hood, the housewife should also notice the size of the stove to choose the vacuum accordingly.

Color: 3 color hood mainly in the kitchen: black, white (powder coating) and Stainless Steel. The color of the hood accounts for 20% of the value of the machine. For example Elica hood model Concord, are 100% imported from Italy, with the same function but in black or white only 3,900,000 VND, Inox is 4,900,000 VND. The reason given is better scratch-resistant stainless steel iron, high gloss and durability over time.

Not just a movement, more and more people realize the hood requisites must be equipped.

The use of effective safety and preservation:

– When buying a hood, you should choose one that has removable filter holder, for easy cleaning. Besides, it should be noted that the machine use the deodorizing filter class category: activated carbon or aluminum. Type the filter with a thin aluminum layers will make it easy for you because easy to clean easy to replace when damaged. There is also need to pay attention to the system fan. Should choose two speed fan and have to be adapted for each type of food.

– When you start using the new kitchen, the machine operates. Depending on the cooking of food that we can adjust the speeds of the machine accordingly. After cooking, to let it work for about 5-15 more minutes new shortcut to vacuum clean the smoke and the smell of food still entangled around outside.

– After about one to two weeks, remove the mesh filter cleaning by soaking in warm soapy water, you can use a soft brush to scrub the dirt layer, then wipe it dry.

– Do not use the machine if the power supply is unstable.

– If using class with activated carbon deodorizing filter should be periodically renewed from 6 to 12 months to ensure that the features of the activated carbon.

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