Procurement consultant smoke, deodorant

There are two different types of smoke, natural gas drainage pipe (classic) and the type of activated carbon used. Type the classic suit in the garden or pipe can be attached to the outside. Advantages of direct exhaust air suction stronger, more durable and less costly. The second external features hood, hood also has the ability to filter fumes. Thus the price of the used activated carbon is usually 1.5 to 2 times more expensive than the classic type, not to mention the cost to replace the coal (typically after six-nine months for one-two million / ).

Most brands have two classic machine and the use of activated carbon. Price difference hood is quite large, depending on the origin, style and power.

Use and preservation

Should choose the suction capacity (capacity of the machine) is 10 times the volume of the kitchen. For example, the volume of the kitchen is 60m3, the minimum capacity of the plant to reached 600m3/gio.

When buying, ask for the test run, turn it at the highest speed to check the Spanish fans, as smooth as possible. If the wind noise, probably due to poor fan technology or more mechanical sophistication, leading to the life of the poor.

Most of the smoke now have light comes, choose halogen lamps. This helps determine the color of light dishes honest than fluorescent lights, to avoid the possibility of food, especially fried foods, too yellow or not enough crispness due to the cook looked aberration.

When installing, make sure the height of the cooker to suit each type of fire to avoid explosion. Distance from the edge of the on of Necklaces kitchen to the machine should be 70cm if the gas cooker is 60cm if induction cooker, electric cooker.

Automatic power off completely after use to keep the power of the machine fixed, avoid draw draw. When used, the selection of speeds to suit each type of food, only when fried, fried should turn high speeds, if the dish is cooked, use a minimum speed.

Each week cleaning the mesh filter (oil filter) once, by removing and soaking in warm water mixed with soap, then let it dry and then reconnect. If mesh filter made of stainless steel, so dedicated to clean water to keep the shiny look of the machine.

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