Buy appropriate hood

Hood, also known as smoke odor will participate effectively in the smoke, smoke filters, oil, wet gas and odors from the kitchen. The selection of a suitable hood style cooking in the kitchen layout is not easy for you. Refer a few tips below to help you choose the right vacuum deodorizer with kitchen and your family.

1. Selected according to frequency of use: Depending on how often you cook or not to choose the most suitable hood. For family only cook small meals several times a week frequency, so selecting a deodorant mount on foot kitchen is most appropriate. If you regularly use the kitchen for cooking, frying, fried or boiled, you should choose a good deodorant, deodorant capabilities.

2. Determine the area of ​​the kitchen: If personalized stove range in between kitchen without blocking at the top, you will need to insert a deodorant can snorkel. If the kitchen next to the wall, the kitchen will be available snorkel or it was designed as a special highlight, then you should rely on the space vertically and horizontally to choose kitchen machines hood fit.

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