Buying advice hood.

There are two basic hood, exhaust pipes and natural use of activated carbon. Type of pipe used in accordance with the kitchen in the garden or kitchen can pipe fitting out. This type has the advantage of suction stronger, more durable and less costly.Type of activated carbon used in addition to smoke also functions
filter fumes. So the price of used activated carbon typically cost 1.5 to 2 times more expensive than the tube, not to mention the cost of replacing the activated charcoal for 1-2 million / set, about 6 – 9 May 1 for the first time

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To help the understanding of the housewife as well as the features and how to effectively use this machine, Mr. Truong Hoai Phong Electric Center Thien Hoa (Q.10, Ho Chi Minh City) – Consulting:
Two types, in a variety of sizes
Deodorant today there are two types of machines: vacuum directly discharged into the chimney and the smoke odor with activated charcoal.

Vacuum directly discharged into the chimney suitable for restaurant use, cafeteria, or in the kitchen as long as your vent tube to smoke outside. This machine has the advantage of making moist air, may hut mui and grease is discharged outside your home quite effectively by large capacity. However, with multi-level large homes, but can be difficult to choose the machine with the exhaust out, the smell will fly into the story, even more annoying.

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