Be careful when buying smoke

Cẩn thận khi mua máy hút khói

After purchasing and using a time, some housewives complained that use smoke odor in the kitchen is not effective, it is more decorative effect suck the smoke smell in the kitchen.
Sisters, cooking habits of the Vietnamese people to Europe, we use the kitchen much more than, use greasy fried, not regular toilet facilities. Therefore, the oil layer firmly to make dirty equipment and perishable.

Type of smoke layer is activated carbon filter to clean the smoke, the result is the attraction of the fans down because of the filter resistance. After some time, the filter is clogged and the suction efficiency reduced.

In addition, the use of vacuum blocks are quite expensive because they must often change the filter or activated carbon layer. There are a number of people after their use has removed the filter makes lose both filtration efficiency.

In fact, the type smoke odor from Europe, America, Japan is very beautiful, with modern features such as sensors get dirty smoke in the air to speed exhaust fan, sensor contamination of the membrane filter to report cleaning or parts off late to after cooking machine still continue to smoke makes the air clean … But the price is high, the product more suitable majority of Vietnamese people tend to have much simpler.

If not interested in elegant lines, luxurious colors, some of the machines fit Asian use of sisters housewife. Market As Sakura sell out smoke, odors dishes inspired vapors. This type uses one or two fans, this fan will cross with wings turning strong radial airflow and suction pipe going outside. The beauty of this type of fan is in the middle of the hemisphere to capture the oil stick, oil then flows into the cup of inspiration below. Or smoke machines cage fan has the attraction is very strong but very quiet. However, it is only good for the home kitchen can drain gas.

Hoods is the necessary equipment in the kitchen, but if you want more open to the kitchen, the family needed more fans or more new windows with high results.

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