Hoods deodorant

Electrical This product is an object close to the housewives, especially in the cramped kitchen space of the town house. This machine easy to use, just may hut mui  and the smell of food and help for more open air kitchen.

Machines usually include the basic parts such as outer protection, steam system, activated carbon filter frame or the metal layer, the original plate or sieve, exhaust fans, lights, signal lights degree of fouling and buttons to adjust the speeds from 1 to 3. The filter can be disassembled for cleaning.
Máy hút khói, khử mùi
Fumes and the smell of food is sucked through sheet metal or the outermost layer sieve, activated carbon filter then to staging or metal layers. Here the smell of smoke and food will be destroyed by charcoal or steam system through the the thick sieve, smoke and odor will be discharged by pipe or spread out in the kitchen. The machine’s appeal depends on the type of fan. Adjust the speed button allows adjustment of the gravity of the machine, depending on demand. Some modern Italian machines, an additional utility functions as: automatic system shut down late, ie after shutdown, smoke still works department 15 minutes to vacuum the smoke, smell and then stop .

Based on the form used market is divided into two kinds of smoke, the smell: not used tubes and pipes. Not used tubes have the advantage of being compact and beautiful, but effective deodorizing smoke and usually only 70 – 80%. This type of activated carbon used to filter the smoke, smell and self-destruction.

Filter mesh tube used or a combination of both activated carbon filter frame and metal mesh filter for smoking, reducing waste and smoke smell out. This type takes up space because the exposed pipes on the vacuum. However it is highly effective because she smoke, deodorant food just absorb heat, the heat in the kitchen will be sucked out.

Currently smoke, the smell of 3 sizes: 60, 70 and 90 cm, the distance from the wall about 52cm. Based on the size of your kitchen choose the right kind of vacuum.

When you start using the new kitchen, the machine operates. Depending on the cooking of food that we can adjust the speeds of the machine accordingly. After cooking, to let it work for about 15 more minutes new shortcut to vacuum clean the hot, smoke and the smell of food still entangled around outside.

After about one to two weeks to remove the mesh filter cleaning by soaking in warm soapy water, you can use a soft brush to scrub the big dirt, then wipe it dry.

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