Note when buying cooker hood:

It is important to obtain a item for families. Usually smoke is fairly simple structure: protective layer outside (insulated stainless steel or painted), screened outside (or metal plate), layout filter (carbon or metal), exhaust fans, lights, buttons to adjust speeds. There are a number of additional glass prevents grease, oil cup inspired … all of which are removable, which is very convenient for the replacement fix if something goes wrong

Currently on the market there are two types of vacuum smell, which is the smell of pipe smoke and smoke odors no drainage pipe smoke. Type of hood outlet pipe smoke (smoke excretion). This type of metal mesh filter and charcoal filter flexible layout makes direct smoke from the kitchen with ease. Smoke is drawn from the kitchen waste will pass through the air and smoke out through the smoke path.

Types of non-deodorant pipe smoke (automatically filtered smoke). This type is formed by a filter. This filter will absorb the smoke smell directly from the kitchen. Then will automatically filter the smoke in the air and return clean air to the kitchen through the ventilation holes on the body. Machines usually have higher cost of pipe smoke.
Máy hút mùi hình thành phố ban đêm
Hoods are also a variety of sizes suitable for different kitchen area. There are now three sizes convenient to use, including: Type 6 inches, 7 inches and 9 inches. Want to select the appropriate hood should be based on the size of the gas stove and the kitchen area of ​​each family.

On the market today, the kind of vacuum deodorizer is also very diverse, and there are many designs for customer choice and they originate from many countries such as: China, Taiwan, Italy, Japan … Typically prices range from 2 to 3 million 1.
When selecting your hood should note the following basic elements:
Note when buying cooker hood:

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