Avoid the 1001 incident from the gas stove

Safe use of gas stoves, saving, efficiency is the general anxiety of housewives.

Using gas stove for a time, Hang (Kim Ma) do not understand why the smoke is not effective, despite the highest turn on but the smell of food is suddenly all over the house. Once disassembled, check the new lunar detected by staging smoking friends for a long time, you have to spend a whole afternoon to clean smoke pipes had not been cleaned two years.

Buy new gas stove installed in new homes, but Mai (Cau Dien, Hanoi) always fear each use kitchen. She turned up the fire and always smell gas choked up. Linh (Cau Dien, Hanoi) also questions about how to order and test kitchen hygiene and safety. How to use the gas stove safety and efficiency as well as general concerns of the housewives. Here are a few Do share of the month, on a gas technician to use a gas safe, effective and economical.

Common problems and to keep in mind when using
According to Thang manager techniques bep.vn, had some problems clients often encounter when using a gas as in the process of using customer misplace split rim fire kitchen, making turning the outbreak of fire and turn difficult to smell gas. To remedy this situation, the customer should remove the wheel rim split fire place insert into position 4 foot of split rim fire.

Another problem common customers and reflect is when you turn the kitchen the sound of ignition. In this case, the customer can check the battery and replace the battery at the bottom of the kitchen. When the kitchen is not ignited, if the wire is insert or stamping broken, the gas may be amended or replaced, even if the ignition dirty, wipe clean with a dry cloth

In addition to these cases to ensure safety, users should pay attention to the gas valve. Gas valve is the most important part of the kitchen and gas, gas valve pressure of the gas pressure cell through the gas line to the kitchen, there are many cases where the gas valve solution for too long will cause the valve to leak and break van dangerous to the user. Thang recommended, to use the best performance check regularly for 6 months or 1 year for safety, should the gas valve when finished.

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